Created by 2 young designers from Bordeaux in 2010, the French brand Bev&Ben brings you a universe where the heel is the King.

In October 2011 we have launched our first court shoe collection, setting up all that which is necessary in order to grant you the best selection with the best raw materials. In our studio, custom-built shoes are entirely conceived, designed and manufactured in a very limited edition. Our knowhow is, thus, brought at your disposal giving you the comfort, quality and smoothness of our shoes.


Bev&Ben, the origin of the name.

The brand's name, Bev&Ben, could seem viscerally simple, yet it came out of a serious and long brainstorming sessions (or, rather, sessions of 'I have got a super idea! Oh, well, not so much...') and discussions sprinkled with a cup or two, which may explain the final result. We wanted a simple name -the simpler the better- that was at the same time recognizable, identifiable (we got it, right?) and able to be registered as a brand and an internet domain (.com). After filtering a bunch of candidates, we tried combining our name and surname, and hence Bev&Ben was born.


And for 'our' we mean Laetitia and Benoit, one mad about fashion and the other mad about the internet. For years we had planned to start a business together, yet we were missing several key points:


What kind of product was appreciated by the two of us?

- ...that is sold on the internet.

- ...that has no sell-by date (here, we took 'imported Italian ice-creams' out of the list).

- ...of which we are the first clients.



Laetitia grew as a professional in the world of fashion, particularly with the prêt à porter; it is natural that we, then, chose to design our own shoes collection! (it is due to say that we already had a lot of 'samples' at home).



So, for many months, an in parallel to our respective jobs, we worked through an 'action plan'. Since we had to start everything from scratch, we launched the mandatory preparations. We conceived the first sketches, colours, materials, packages, the logo, the type of company we wanted, our roles in it, the PR strategy... And now we really hope that all this work has a bearing on you.


Enjoy your visit to




Compagny : SARL ARCO DA VELLA, 30.000 euros,

RCS Bordeaux France number 528 858 152

Address : 7 avenue René Cassagne 33150 Cenon France

VAT Number : FR 79528858152

Host : OVH SAS, 140 Quai du Sartel - 59100 Roubaix – France, 09 74 53 13 23

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